Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What Attracts Most In Valentines Retreat and Day at Pushkar Hotels?

As the anticipation for the Valentine’s day draws near there is hectic rush on how to best t relive the best fond memories on the path of love. For Pushkar hotels visitors the excitement and the palpable air is of sweet welcomes and exceptional hospitality stays.

Yet for the ardent love birds there’s curiosity on how to spend the day in the whims and fancies of beautiful rolling Aravali hills. So what attracts and fascinates the love-smitten visitors to hotels in Pushkar on Valentine’s day? And what and how would they find the day an unforgettable celebration of the most beautiful human emotion – love.

Delicious and Timeless Ways to Enjoy this Valentines Days At Hotels in Pushkar

Delicious Chocolates Cakes, Strawberries and Chocolate Sauce

Chocolates and strawberries are always a good symbol that celebrates the coming together of two wonderful people in love. They show the attachment one accords to the other in unspeakable terms yet relish the sweet charms in each other’s presence. They bind and strengthen this timeless bond of love on Valentine’s day.

Candle Light Dinner, Sparkling Wine with Four Course Menu at Pool Deck
With exquisite accompaniments of great surroundings and the scenery the stage of candle lit dinners, wine and pools add a touch of exotic chemistry on Valentines days. There is an eerie calm and the weather plays along for a perfect day to celebrate love.
Jacuzzi Couple Bath
There is a romantically refreshing feeling and experience of being rested relaxed and revitalized together. This is a true share in the pleasure and possibilities of life at Pushkar hotels.

Complimentary Buffet Breakfast for Two

The closure or start to the romantic experience on valentines begins with an exquisite buffet breakfast. It’s the complimentary appeal of choice on the menu that adds great and exciting stay moments celebrating Valentine’s Day at Hotels in Pushkar.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Do Pushkar Hotels Super Deluxe Rooms Luxury Make Grand Luxury Statements?
Does it occur to you that perhaps sometimes the difference between classical and common service at hotels in Pushkar is the flair or quality room stay? These are the places that the visitors spend most of their stay moments like night time and some moments of relaxation away from the limelight.

Impressive and Delightful Highlights of Pushkar Hotels Rooms

Perfect Private Balconies for an Extended View 
Most rooms span or size come with exceptional individual balconies that give an impressive view and moments of solitude when on holiday. There is always some interesting sight in the distance to distract the mind or attract the keen eye of the traveler.

Luxurious Comforts for Comfy Holidays and Moments
There are a variety of comforts that make a distinctive addition to the life and time spent o holiday. Good sleep on comfortable beds and entertainment like satellite television add to the sum total of great holiday comforts.

Deluxe Room Twin Sharing Luxury
There are still stay options for twin bed luxury that accords the same level of stay as any other if preferred. The exquisite bed linen, calm lighting, and the ambient decor deliver an instant relaxation mood that promises relaxation and peace. There is more that can be got from a holiday spent in double deluxe room privileges.

Absolute Shower Luxury Is Plus for Total Health Rest and Regain
Sometimes, the need is the feeling to have a great shower gel and rest that gives rejuvenated feeling and calm. The luxury shower is a plus mix for both refreshment and refinement in the most calm and cool locations of the Aravali’s Hills and greenery.

Wide Expansive Rooms and Beds for Two Guests
Super deluxe rooms avail a great deal of extra space and space to enjoy good time and either as families or individually. They are classically the best way to relax on getaway holiday even with family.