Friday, 5 December 2014

Travel Etiquette and Packing Tips for Pushkar Resorts

The festive travel season is already on there are many tourists rushing to the exotic destinations and locales for an epic end of year holiday. However, with that also comes the need to know what exactly to carry and what no to. There are specific needs given the weather and the cultural considerations of the lands to be visited. There are also particular travel etiquette that makes journeys and holidays all the more enjoyable.
For the eastern bound to the cool and calmer winter chills of the Pushkar resorts in southern hemisphere there are cultural and traditional etiquette to consider but more than that the best and necessary travel requirements.

Best Travel Tips for Resorts in Pushkar 
- Travel light with basic essentials for easy convenience and movement. Nothing beats travel luggage carrying fatigue more than the overload of unnecessary packed items that add weight and higher travel costs.
- Carry standard luggage suitcases like strollers for easy haulage and weight reduction when in transit at   airports or train stations.
- Engage verified and licensed travel taxi operators when taking on private services.
- Make effort to be on time and courteous for easy travel and journey.
- Ensure having all the identity bonafides at hand (passports, identity cards and tags on luggage or any valuable documents are in easy reach).
- Cool and cold weather clothing for the stay in the Aravali hills especially in December and early January months.
- Specific observance or etiquette especially when visiting religious places of worship not to offend spiritual sentiment.
- Cameras add an extra fun-filled holiday reminder by capturing the best of them.
- Build bridges with grateful comments or appreciation whenever it’s due especially for great service and welcome.
- Of course, it pays to be on your guard.
Great Pushkar resorts holidays begin with some knowledge of places..

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