Thursday, 27 August 2015

Why Aravali’s Hills Inspire Adventure at Udaipur Hotels

Calm Resonance with the City of Lakes and Forts
When seen from the enterprising side of the Udaipur hotels they may seem like mounds with no consequence. Yet the calming influence of the city lakes and the greenery add a glorious touch to the city and to the legend of the majestic ancient mounds.

Encounter with Scenic Backgrounds and Heritage
There is added dimension to the city’s skyline and attraction as the hills provide a bulwark like attraction. The ancient hills are known as the longest ranges in Asia and run a very long distance traversing the most diverse flora and fauna. This adds to the majestic appeal and attraction of the Aravali hills and mountain ranges.

Enduring Sense of History and Cultural Traditions
Building on the exotic appeal of the ancient forts and palaces, these hills provide one of a kind sense of history by being the center stage upon which most of the old, attractive and the enduring palaces and forts find their home and base.

Home to Spiritual Fortitude and Trust
Most temples and spiritual places of worship are located on the precincts or on top of these mighty Aravali hills. They are believed to play and have deep part in the contribution to the evolution of thousands of years of spiritual values and beliefs.

Role in Ecological Balance and Regeneration
Although not believed and trusted by some people, but there is an obviously huge contribution by these Aravali mountains in preserving the ecological balance and diversity of the area.

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